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Royal Anne

Royal Anne

Above: Y, A Fleet at Sea, Yale; B, Britannia composition, present whereabouts unknown; G, Signal to Anchor, Greenwich; A, Bombardment of Alicante, Byng Collection. Left: same as A.

not a convincing match: Barcelona dated 1725


last word on the royal anne

assorted sterns
byng's battles       hope and glory: what
hope & glory 1       hope & glory 2       hope & glory 3
calm excellence one       calm excellence two
britannia, royal william or royal anne?
phlegmatic performances

End of Story

Unless I'm going blind the lettering on the stern of this boat reads G R. Speculation on this and linked pages about the date of Peter Monamy's Signal to Anchor and event depicted can be chucked in the bin. The only question is whether GI or GII is intended.

Queen of Portugal ---- 1708
Accession of GRI ---- 1714
Accession of GRII --- 1727
Date of Painting ?

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