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There is no end to genealogical research: new information keeps arriving. All that can be hoped for is that the truth, though never fully known, is being approached.

21 July, 2013. The Island Wiki is providing much new and invaluable information about the history of the islands. More genealogical details about the Monamy family have emerged, and they are recorded on a new page,. Click here for the Jersey tree.

10 January, 2008. Mr Terry Dowinton, of Guernsey, has provided many more details concerning the Monamy family of Guernsey, which are a by-product of his researches into the Perchard family, and derive incidentally from his recording of the marriage of Marie Monamy to Maurice Perchard, in 1670. For the sake of clarity, it seems worth starting again, from the beginning, to incorporate his findings, with notes.

Étienne Monamy: b 1516 ?, St Saviour, Jersey
Married: c 1537 ?
Benoiste Aubin: b 1512 ?, St Saviour, Jersey

These birth and marriage dates must be conjectural. Dates of death not known. Étienne translates into English as Steven: hence Steven's son, fils Estienne, in will of André Monamy.

Étienne & Benoiste were parents of:

Perronelle Monamy: b 1539? Jersey
André Monamy: b 1540 ? Jersey
Clement Monamy: St Saviour, Jersey
Beneste Monamy: ?
Another daughter: ?

Sibling details come from the will of André Monamy, transcribed below. Summary from notes by Col de Guérin, 1927. Conjectural daughter married to Gagnepain, since André mentions his nephew, Edward Gagnepain.

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"André Monamy, according to the Register of St Peter Port married first, 29th June 1572 Elizabeth Perrin who seems to have died without children. He married secondly, 17th November 1577, Bertranne, daughter of Nicolas Estur and Marie de la Marche, (eldest daughter of John de la Marche, Jurat and Barbe Neant), who married secondly John Fautrart, Jurat, son of Thomas. André Monamy made his will on the 2nd March 1590/1 in the parish of the "Castell" Guernsey, and it seems to have been proved before the Court Probate, London and translated from the French by Denis le Blancq, Notary Public, London 30th July 1591. (Hopper, MSS, British Museum 30188, fol. 350. Court Probate, London, St Barbe)." From notes by Col de Guérin, 1927.

2008. With the discovery of three children born between 1565 and 1568 in Guernsey, to an unnamed mother and a father named André Monamy, it now seems likely that André was married three times. First, perhaps in Jersey, before 1565; second, in 1572; third, in 1577. See below.

Below is a transcription, with added punctuation, of André Monamy's will. He would have died between making his will, which is dated 2nd March 1590, old style, ie presumably 1591, and the date it was proved, 30th July 1591.

Will of Andree Monamy fils Estienne

IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER and of the sonne and of the holie ghoste Amens. The second daye of the monthe of Marche a thousand ffive hundred fower score and tenne. I, subscribed Andrew Monamy Stevens son, a Marchante of the Isle of Jersey of the parishe of Sainte Saviour, and at the present dwelling in the parish of the Castell in the Isle of Guernsey, beyng sound of my bodie and well advised of my minde and understandinge, considering that there is nothing more certeyne than the deathe, and nothinge more uncerteyne than the laste howre, thoughte good by reason [], after having called upon the name of the Lord, presentlie to make my testamente and deliberation of my laste will. [] That I recommend my soule unto oure [] god and father, my Creator, prayinge hym to blott oute my synnes and offences, and to receive me with the number of his poore faithfull Servanntes and [] into the kingdom of heaven, at my dayes ende, whenever yt shall please the Lord to call me out of this poore and miserable worlde, in his name and to [] the favour of his sonne, Jesus Christ oure lord, my onlie Saviour and Redeemer.

And as touching my Bodie, I desire same to be buried and committed into the earth in the ordinarie place, where so laye and rest the Bodies of the Christians attending the day of the general Resurrection. As concerning the goods which god has bestowed upon me in this world, I do make and constitute for my sole and onlie executors my children, [] the one as farr as the other, to whom I bequeathe all my movable goodes, after that my wife shall have had and taken her portion and [] parte as of righte unto her [] apperteyne. And that my giftes and Legaceys [beath?] performed as hereafter followeth. And firstlie I bequeathe to the poore of the parish of Sainte Savioure in the Isle of Jersey, fortie shillings sterlnige. Moreover I bequeathe to my brother Clement Monamy, my gowne beyinge blacke faced with taffeta. Moreover I bequeathe to my sister Parnell Monamy, the cloathe towards a blacke gowne. Moreover I bequeath to my nephue Edward Gagnepain, ten shillings strelnige. And I pray and desire my [] [] in god Mr Peter de la Beauvoir and Mr William le Marchant to be a helpe unto my children in and all thinges [] it may be after and according to this my last will. And by this my perfect testament So revoke all other testaments which I have made before this date, of the date hereof, beyng annullated and of noe force and strengthe. And for Approbation of this testamente hereunto I have put my name and marke in the presence of John Bonamy [?] and his sonne Richarde. By me, subscribed Andrew Monamy, and [] with a Seale in [so harde] way under printed upon. ../..

Lex gallica in Anglicam linguam conuersum et inventum cum suo originali testamento substancialiter concordare per me promisie Le Blancq [Ho] publicum Londini Commorantem Regia authoritate Admissa atque Furetu Actum Londini hoc die xxx Mentis July an Domini 1591

Ultimo die mentis Julii Anno Domini Milli [] emanavit [] Petro Beauvoir et Willimo Le Marchant

Administrands bono sura et Duranti minori etate Andre Monamy   Elie Monamy   Marie Monamy   et   Elizabethe Monamy liberorum etc et executorum in [] testamente notat [] etc ni persona Galfridi [] notary publici procuratorio Furat.

fils Estienne --- Steven's son

André Monamy: b 1540 ? St Saviour, Jersey
Married 1st:
Wife's name unknown:

André Monamy apparently moved from Jersey to Guernsey by 1565, at the latest. His birth date is conjectural. According to de Guérin, he bought a substantial house in 1569, which is still standing.

André is recorded as father of:

Jacob Monamy: b 1565 14/11 Guernsey
Jehan Monamy: b 1567 3/3 Guernsey
Elizabeth Monamy: b 1568 11/4 Guernsey

These children are totally unsuspected in earlier accounts. As the details have been correctly recorded, André's date of birth has been conjectured to c 1540.

André Monamy: b 1540 ? d 1591
Married 2nd: 1572 29/6 Guernsey
Elizabeth Perrin:

Elizabeth Perrin, wife of André Monamy, was buried on 1st January 1572/3. A marriage of a bare six months.

André Monamy: b 1540 ? d 1591
Married 3rd: 1577 17/11 Guernsey
Bertranne Estur:

André Monamy died 1591.
Bertranne Estur married 2nd John/Jean Fautrat.

André & Bertranne (Estur) were parents of:

Judith Monamy: b 1578 17/9 Guernsey
Marie Monamy: b. Apr 1580 Guernsey
Judith Monamy: b 1583 20/1 Guernsey
Elizabeth Monamy: b 1584 6/7 Guernsey
André Monamy: b. June 1587 Guernsey
Elie Monamy: b. Oct 1589, Guernsey

Both girls named Judith must have died before 1591. Marie, the eldest child named in André's will, was only eleven when her father died. The children therefore grew up with Jean Fautrat as their stepfather. Marie Monamy married John Guille in 1597. André, born 1587, died without children. The Guernsey Monamy line continued through Elie.

Clement Monamy: St Saviour, Jersey
Marie Ahier:

No firm records for this marriage, which must have taken place in Jersey.

Clement and Marie (Ahier) were the parents of:

Elizabeth Monamy:
Aaron Monamy:
Moyse Monamy:

No firm sources for these children, born in Jersey. Aaron, however, is known to have later moved to Guernsey, and to have been ordained.

Perronelle Monamy: b abt 1539 Jersey
Married: 1555 8/9 Jersey
Oliver Vivian or Olivier Vincent

Perronelle's name is written Parnell in the will of Andree, fils Estienne.

This marriage used to be recorded on the IGI, before that site disappeared. No firm sources given. Assuming Perronelle to have been at least 16 when she married, she would have been born abt 1539. An unverified report says she was buried on 23 August 1602.
The Island Wiki says her husband's surname was Vincent.

Elie Monamy: b Oct 1589 Guernsey
Married: 1611 27/11 Guernsey
Susanne Martin: b 1587 15/9 Guernsey

Death date of Elie is not known, but seems to have been before 1617. Previous accounts confuse his death with that of his second son, an infant also named Elie, died 1613. Susanne was the child of Nicolas Martin de Bost and Marie Hamelin. An earlier daughter named Susanne was born and died in 1586.

Elie and Susanne (Martin) were the parents of:

André Monamy: b Aug 1612 Guernsey
Elie Monamy: b Nov 1613 Guernsey
Bertranne Monamy: b Sep 1616 Guernsey

André Monamy, the future Jurat, died in 1680. Elie, his infant brother, was born and died in November 1613. Bertranne was buried 4th December 1616. Her birth date confirms that Elie her father must have died after 1615.

Aaron Monamy: b Jersey
Married 1: 1603 29/6 Guernsey
Esther Estur: b Nov 1566 or Jan 1586 ?

Aaron is known to have moved to Guernsey. He died Mar 1625, Guernsey. It is uncertain which of two possible Esther Esturs, born 20 years apart, became his first wife.

Aaron and Esther (Estur) were the parents of:

Jeanne Monamy: b 1604 25/3 Guernsey

Jeanne's mother, Esther Estur, must have died before 1618, when Aaron re-married.

Aaron Monamy: b Jersey
Married 2: 1618 9/12 Guernsey
Marie Ricart:

Marie Ricart, perhaps b abt 1595, died Jul 1621 Guernsey

Aaron and Marie (Ricart) were the parents of:

André Monamy: b Sep 1619 Guernsey
Married: 1640 6/5 Guernsey
Marie Hubert:

The many children, most dying in infancy, of this André have been completely unsuspected in earlier genealogical accounts. There are two possibilities for the parentage of Marie Hubert: 1. daughter of André Hubert and Elizabeth Lavenu baptized 9/3 1614; 2. daughter of Giles Hubert and Marie Troussey, baptized 20/2 1613.

André and Marie (Hubert) were the parents of:

Aaron Monamy: b Sep 1641 Guernsey
Marie Monamy: b Dec 1642 Guernsey
Claire Monamy: b Apr 1645 Guernsey
Anne Monamy: b Dec 1646 Guernsey
André Monamy: b 1648 ?
Jean Monamy: b Jan 1649 Guernsey
Esther Monamy: b Oct 1651 Guernsey
Estienne Monamy: b May 1654 Guernsey

An Aaron Monamy married Jeanne Vaudin 20th February 1663/4. Claire was buried 25th January 1649; Anne buried 9th September 1650; Estienne buried 28th March 1655; Jean buried 30th March 1655; Esther buried 5th April 1655. There is no burial record for Marie, born 1642. She may be the one recorded as still unmarried in 1680, but possibly married to Alexander de Soulies, a Minister, in 1689 (IGI). Jurat André also had a daughter named Marie, born 1645, however.

André Monamy: b Aug 1612 Guernsey
Married 1: 1634 22/6 Guernsey
Michelle Dobrée: b 1612 Guernsey

André Monamy, dismissed as Jurat and Parliamentary Commissioner in 1660, died in 1680. He was the sole heir to all the landed property of André Monamy, fils Estienne, as well as property from his mother, Susanne Martin. Almost all his considerable estate was gone by 1680, partly perhaps as a result of his commitment to the Parliamentary cause.

André and Michelle (Dobrée) were the parents of:

André Monamy: b 1641 7/11 Guernsey
Marie Monamy: b 1645 12/3 Guernsey

Michelle Dobrée was buried 29th June 1646. André died an infant, according to de Guérin. Marie, as confirmed by Terry Dowinton, married Maurice Perchard, 15/9 1670, and the couple had at least 3 children.

André Monamy: b Aug 1612 Guernsey
Married 2: 1648 31/5 Guernsey
Anne le Febvre: b 23/3 1622/3

Anne was the daughter of Pierre le Febvre and Catherine Carey, who married in Guernsey in December 1619.

André and Anne (le Febvre) were the parents of:

Pierre Monamy: b 1650 11/8 Guernsey
Anne Monamy: b ? died 1653
Susanne Monamy: b ? died 1655
Catherine Monamy: b Oct 1656 Guernsey
André Monamy: b abt 1661 Guernsey

De Guérin gives Pierre's date of birth as 7/3/1752 (obviously wrong century). Date, left, researched by Terry Dowinton. An Anne, daughter of André Monamy was buried 26th March 1653. A Susanne, daughter of Maitre André Monamy was buried 22nd March 1655. It seems Pierre was alive in 1682, but apparently dead by 1686. Both Pierre (Peter) and André (Andrew) were later active in London.

Pierre was the father of Peter the Painter. Peter's uncle André is described as his guardian from about 1685.


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