designer, engraver, date, unrecorded: but almost certainly after flesshier: see others below

Colonel M.H.Grant


Flesshier, Sailmaker, Knyff, Monamy, S & N Buck, Brooking, Swaine, Mellish, Serres, Luny, Turner

sailmaker. an outstandingly decorative composition

sailmaker/flesshier: either obviously influenced the other.

Attributed to Sailmaker; 35 x 71; Christie's 12 May 1967

Attributed to Jacob Knyff; 35 x 71; See Cockett: Early Sea Painters, p.44

47¼ x 68, the Portsmouth, Jacob Knyff, 1674, Christie, 26 April 1985

print inscribed sailmaker


monamy ?

Sailmaker is said never to have signed his work. Attributions are based on the inscriptions attached to prints after his paintings. I have persuaded myself, however, that his truly outsize flags, flying from various buildings, are as good as a signature where they appear.

This detail, with box, from the painting above it, attributed to two different painters, seems to hover between Sailmaker and Knyff.

Three details top and left: Dover Castle. Bottom right: Portsmouth. The linked details marked S and M, are Sheerness, with Monamy following Sailmaker, and slightly reducing the flag size. The lower centre detail is a curiosity. See here for a discussion of the oddities connected with this image.

The two paintings by, or attributed to, Monamy feature Dover harbour, not the castle.

6½ x 7½; painter & mezzotinter unknown: seems later than either monamy or kirkall; certainly intended for dover

painting at right attributed to swaine

left detail of print heading this page, showing town buildings

Samuel and Nathaniel Buck, 1739, coloured print

Brooking: see Joel, p.153

Brooking, see Joel, p.152

Thomas Mellish, 21½ x 39½, 1750 (?), Parker Gallery 1993

two views by francis swaine

francis swaine

francis swaine

Description from Naval Prints, Frank T.Sabin, 1934-5.


Luny ?

From The Mirror of Literature, Amusement and Instruction, Sept 30, 1837

J.M.W.Turner. Engraving from The Harbours of England, 1895. Turner's harbours follow Sailmaker's harbours.

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