panels & overdoors

"he is reputed to have excelled in calms"

Great liberties are taken on this page. There's a lot of re-arranging, re-decoration and re-framing. Some of the pictures have been monkeyed around with; eg the one on the left. The peace of God is not found céans in homes where these imitations of the storm-blast whistle through the corridors. A mirror has been broken. Its painting is the least disturbing, and has been reset. But grandpa's drawing-room has been jazzed up with ruthless abandon.


painting removed from mirror and re-framed


four paintings for the price of one

two painters for the price of one

before: looks like van de capelle

after: a tad too dramatic

Sir Lawrence Dundas and his Grandson in the Pillar Room at 19 Arlington Street, 1769. By Zoffany. From Marine Painting, by James Taylor, p 63. Another source confirms that the marine over the chimneypiece is by van de Cappelle, and is still in existence.

A Musical Conversation, c 1760; 27¼ x 35, by Marcellus Laroon.

Or is it The Montagu Wedding, circa 1730?


cosy virtuosi: the club that hogarth didn't join
or did he ?

the connoisseur and the painter

the decorator one
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