P.Monamy delin W.H.Toms sculp 1736
Sir John Lister Kaye, 4th Baronet: 16971752

A Real Curiosity

Thomas Lister, 1688-1745, was Member of Parliament for Clitheroe 17101745

Because the name, Lister, occurs in both this illustration and the one attributed to Monamy, above, some connection is inferred.

Details of both the Lister and Lister Kaye families can be found on Wikipedia.

One might assume this picture, at left, was also by Monamy, but it is inscribed F.Place delin.

This sketch, at left, comes from the British Museum, where it is described as follows:

York, St Mary's Abbey; view looking across the river Ouse, with various small craft, towards the ruins of the Abbey.

Pen and black ink and grey wash, on buff-toned paper.

Attributed to Peter Monamy (?)

After Francis Place (?) 1647-1728.

Purchased from William Smith, the printseller. 1850.

227 x 370 millimetres.

Was this attribution mayhap made by William Smith ?

Left, from Francis Place, 1647-1728, an exhibition catalogue, published 1971.

It seems to me that Monamy was familiar with the several etchings by Francis Place. See here.

Left, from the Modern Universal British Traveller, 1779.

This picture, and the one below, both seem to derive, at some remove, from the illustration inscribed P Monamy delin, heading this page.

Left, published by Alex Hogg, at the King's Arms, no 16 Paternoster Row, date unknown.

Left, the Ouse-Bridge at York,

Section from the Monamy print

Sir John Lister Kaye was a Jacobite Tory MP for York, supported by Lord Burlington.
See Lord Burlington, Architecture, Art and Life; pp 212 and 214.

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