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line print: the original oil is in reverse

mezzotint print: oil original not known

Recorded in "Caillard Sale", Wingfield House, Trowbridge, 10-13 Nov, 1930
22 x 33, signed

said to be signed and dated 1720

14 x 40; unsigned? Exhibited O & P Johnson Ltd, 18 Oct - 10 Nov, 1967


25 x 40, unsigned, parker gallery c 1965?

nmm: unsigned ?

oil on copper: signed


Calms will be the very last category to be fully investigated on this website.

Two paintings attributed to van de Velde, for comparison, below

van de velde

van de velde: the masts are elongated

all very much under construction
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Bow Views         Stern Views         Starboard Sterns
Stern Port Views One         Stern Port Views Two         Stern Port Views Three
Stern Port Views Four         Port Flank Views
royal occasions:     starboard quarters     port quarters
royal sovereign types:     one     two     relatively tall/narrow
royal sovereign types:     a. starboard     b. port     broad
royal occasions:     calm waters     fresh winds
thomas leemans     samuel scott
calms, calms, calms

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