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The above note was given to me by Michael Robinson very shortly after the Sotheby sale he refers to, in June 1981. His concern was to find out whether I thought this painting could be by Monamy. I found it difficult, at the time, to pass any sort of an informed opinion on the matter. I still do. In the note Michael says that "no other version is known", but it is apparent from his comments in Vol 2, page 595 [No 471], that by 1988 an almost identical version had appeared on the market.

The following remarks are a mere addition to Michael's text. It seems to me that the principal subject of the two paintings he discusses, the Mordaunt, bears a notably close resemblance to to the ship in the unusual composition below.

The angle of view, and the somewhat exotic Claudian setting, begin to suggest more than a touch of Baston; but the thought is difficult to entertain with any confidence. Nevertheless, see here. The two details, below, of the Mordaunt and the vessel in the above painting, show their similarity.

25 x 35½: sotheby 17/11/71; lot 50

Below are two more port side views, which, though only superficially similar, are nevertheless rather reminiscent of the Mordaunt.

private collection: believed to be unsigned

signed monamy

Monamy --- or Leemans?

Monamy --- or Leemans?

attributed to Leemans

details unknown

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