Detail: the McDonald Collection painting

A dissection on Dr McDonald's painting is performed below. I do not think Monamy painted like this: the work shows a level of academic polish, skill and technique he never displayed; of the kind that might have been acquired in the studio of the van de Veldes. But this painting is obviously well after de Jonge Willem's time. And it is surely not by the evanescent Leemans.

Could Scott be the third man? The possibility has its attraction, and is investigated on another page. To save time, I think no.

My belief is that a fourth hand has to be sought, and, triggered by a comment made by Margarita Russell, a wild surmise has swum into my ken. More later.

This barge and its boatmen could perhaps be thought to be by Monamy. Too minor a detail, and not particularly convincing at that. The water seems well-painted.

This, to me, is not the hand of Monamy, but a hand well-trained and practised in a different school. A "better" hand, if art is purely a matter of technique. The picture lacks the drama that I think Monamy was nearly always striving for, but it is highly accomplished, and the sailors on board are lively and suitably active.

The same comments apply. The oars strike me as better painted than in any of Monamy's works, and the men are more realistic. See the Doggett's Coat & Badge Winner, here.

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Could this painting be by Scott?

the mcdonald "monamy", see cockett 2000, p.59, allegedly signed p.monamy, christie's

41 x 51, ascribed to monamy, presumed unsigned, painting F

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