The Reverend Peter Monamy Scrope Cornwall (1779-1844), vicar at Chiselborough, Somerset, was the eldest son of the Reverend Peter Monamy Cornwall (1747-1828) by his first wife, Mary Wyar. Here is an entry for him in an Oxford University directory, which omits his third name.

Because this Reverend P.M.S.Cornwall in turn named his own eldest son Peter Monamy Cornwall (1815-1852), who became yet another cleric, the world of the archivist, if it took any notice, was no doubt confused. Fortunately, the third Reverend P.M.Cornwall died unmarried.

Because I had next to no information on the life of the Rev P.M.Scrope Cornwall's second son, Dr John Cornwall, until now I'd tended to assume that that would be the end of the matter.

Not so. Athough Dr John Cornwall, who married Sarah Elizabeth Hodgson late in life, when he was 42 and she was 44, would appear to have had only one child, a daughter named Mary Elizabeth, she compensated for him by having at least nine children of her own. Andrew Juniper has authored a superb website setting out her many descendants in remarkable detail. The tree below is a mere skeleton of the family history available on his site: here. The outline I have produced on this page omits much, and concentrates mainly on showing his personal descent from Dr John Cornwall. Any errors are entirely mine.

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