Descendants of Frank Herbert Goode Cornwall

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In July 2007 I received substantial additional family details concerning the descendants of Arthur Walton Cornwall and his second wife, Kate Eames, from Michael Cornwall, now living in Gol Gol, New South Wales. Below is the family tree which he forwarded to me.

Also forwarded to me were extracts from a letter written by "Aunt Ethel", ie Blanche Ethel Cornwall, born 1869, the sister of Frank H.G.Cornwall, and the youngest child of Arthur Walton Cornwall and his second wife, Kate Eames. Ethel appears to have lived most of her life in England. I do not have a date for the letter, which must have been sent after the death of the Rev Albert Cornwall in 1924, but here are the extracts, as received:

As is only to be expected, the more distant the details related from the writer's perspective, the more error, myth and legend creep into the account, especially as it is being retailed mainly from memory. There is a fatal tendency for the most fanciful stories to stick most firmly in mind. Ethel is correct in her tree sketch of the ten children of the Rev Eusebius and his wife Mary Anne. She understandably limits the descendants of her father, Arthur Walton Cornwall, to herself and her brother Frank. Some of her other comments require annotation.

The "Ellen and James" she mentions, page 2, must clearly have been the parents of her mother, Kate Eames. "Daniel Knight" was probably a remoter ancestor of Ellen, married to James Eames.

Eusebius Cornwall was, however, certainly not the youngest of Peter Monamy [Durell] Cornwall's many children, as five more followed his birth in 1791, including my own ancestor, George Cornwall, who was born in 1797. It may be doubted that the Rev P.M.[D.] Cornwall was a "double first", and his college at Cambridge was Trinity, not King's.

The accounts related by Victor Whitechurch, page 5, about his Brome-Walton ancestors, are scarcely subject to verification. The monograph in the British Library concerning the Brome-Walton family may provide some clues.

The only connection of Peter Monamy, "the famous painter of sea subjects", with the Cornwall family was via the marriage of his daughter Anne, to the Marsham Street apothecary Thomas Cornwall, in 1745. The tale of Peter Monamy's ancestor having his name changed from "Bonami" to "Monami" by the King of France is, sad to say, pure fantasy. It is entertaining enough, however, to have found its way into the first edition of the Dictionary of Sea Painters, compiled by E.H.H.Archibald.

Despite strenuous efforts by the Rev Albert Cornwall, and others, to form a family link between Thomas Cornwall, the Westminster apothecary who died in 1789, and the Cornewall genealogies given in Compton Reade's The House of Cornewall, 1908, no such link has been established. Which is not necessarily to say that no such link somewhere, obscurely, exists.

Compton Reade acknowledged Albert Cornwall's assistance .....

..... but came to his own unwelcome conclusions.

Below is an obituary notice of the death of Sister Anna, who was Blanche Ethel's half-sister, and seems to have accompanied her step-mother Kate Eames to Australia. The source is unknown, but it perhaps comes from a local Chichester newspaper.

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