More Monamy Descendants

Gathering to meet the storm, circa 1939/40

Lady Violet Muriel Monamy Harrison, née Buckell
flanked by her two eldest sons, Leslie, r, and Selwyn, l, with their wives
Lisa and Margery

The above photo was almost certainly taken by Violet's youngest son, James, right; later Brigadier E.J.C.Harrison, OBE.

James, Selwyn, Leslie

Left: William Harrison-Wallace
son of Charles Harrison Wallace.
Below: Richard Harrison
younger son of Leslie Harrison.

Conrad Monamy James; William Sebastian H-W; Samantha Louise H-W; Oliver Benedict James

Selwyn, with Charles & Caroline

Great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter, with fans

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inscription in bible presented to violet buckell on her eleventh birthday by her mother

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