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Descendants of
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The bulk of the information on this page has been generously provided by Diana Hill, now resident in Sydney, Australia, who is directly descended from John William Freyer Hill. The above tree shows that J.W.F.Hill was the great-grandson of Peter Monamy [Durell] Cornwall, grandson of Peter Monamy, marine painter. On 30th April, 1861, a family bible was sent out to J.W.F. Hill in Australia by his mother Jane Hill, whose maiden name was Miles. The bible was passed down to J.W.F. Hill's daughter Anne Lillias Maud, and her daughter, Lois Walker, had it in turn when it was seen by Diana, who was taken to meet the elderly lady in 1972 by her grandfather, Lindsay Harold Hill. With admirable genealogical prescience, Diana, who was then only 12 years old, copied out the information contained in the bible, and has kept it in notebook form ever since. Had it not been for her interest, the numerous Monamy descendants in the Cornwall-Wyar line would have remained undiscovered. A mere forty of them are indicated in the tree below, but there are obviously many more. Before commenting on this Australian tree, some notes on the earlier generations are in order.

The line descending from the Rev Peter Monamy Scrope Cornwall is discussed on a previous page: here. Diana's details about the other immediate descendants, the family of Walter Miles, Headmaster of the Blue Coat School, Wotton-under-Edge, are supplemented by reference to the IGI Family Search website. Various odd facts, including some strange discrepancies, are revealed. Four children are recorded born to Mary Anne Monamy Cornwall and Walter Miles, as follows:
      Mary Anne Miles - Christening: 1 Oct 1806 Wotton under Edge
Jane Miles - Christening: 1 Oct 1806 Wotton under Edge
Thomas Miles - Christening: 3 Oct 1810 Wotton under Edge
Sarah Miles - Christening: 3 Oct 1810 Wotton under Edge
Their dates of birth are not given, so we can either guess at two sets of twins, or that the parents delayed the christenings, and had their offspring baptised in pairs, 1806 and 1810. Nothing further is yet known about Thomas and Sarah, but both Mary Anne and Jane were still alive in 1881, and are named in the census of that year. In 1881 Mary Anne's age was given as 77, ie born 1804; and Jane's age as 72, ie born 1809. Since Jane was not christened three years before she was born, something is seriously wrong with her census return, see below, and the ages of the rest of her household are similarly curious. The ages given in Mary Anne Chappell's household may well be correct, but the household itself displays what can only be described as an unorthodox set of relationships, as follows:

Name Relation Status Sex Age Birthplace Occupation
Nathaniel Chappell Head M M 66 Alderley, Gloucester Former Medical Apprentice
Mary A. Chappell Wife M F 77 Wootton under Edge ---
William O. Chappell Illegitimate Son U M 23 Roehampton, Surrey Landscape Painter
Temperance S. Olphen Servant U F 55 Cam, Gloucester Housekeeper

Perhaps bohemian would be a better word to describe this household in 1881. William O.Chappell, the landscape painter, appears to be the son of the servant/housekeeper, Temperance (!) Olphen. No date has been found for Mary Anne's marriage to the eleven years younger Nathaniel, so it can only be surmised how she fits into this situation. The address given for the household is 1 Ponsonby Road, Putney, Surrey, which still appears to be quite a desirable property in a leafy suburb. Nathaniel Chappell, who is said in Diana's bible to have been an MD, does not seem to have qualified in his profession. It is not improbable that he is the Nathaniel Chappell born 25 April 1814, and baptised 28 Oct 1815 at the Calvinistic Methodist Tabernacle, Wootton under Edge; son of Nathaniel Chappell and his wife, Hannah Trull, who were married in Wootton under Edge on 11 July 1802.

Name Relation Status Sex Age Birthplace Occupation
Jane Hill Head Widow F 72? Wootton under Edge Property/Funds Etc
Florence A. Hill Dau U F 42? Almondsbury ---
Margaret J.Hill Dau U F 56? Almondsbury ---
Emily Marian Hill Dau U F 52? Almondsbury ---

Mary Anne Chappell's sister, the widowed Jane Hill, was head of the household at 9 Sunning Dale, Clifton, Gloucester, in 1881; and living with her were her three unmarried daughters, Florence Amelia, Margaret Jane Blanche. and Emily Marian. Jane's husband, John Allen Hill, was a solicitor, born at Almondsbury House, Gloucester, 4th May 1804; and he must of course have died before 1881.

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