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Historical actions attributed to Monamy predating his freedom in 1704

The demand for pictures of past triumphs lasts for as long as they are remembered.
Monamy was inevitably obliged to refer to earlier paintings for these representations.

9/12. John Kempthorne, in the Mary Rose, 48 guns, defeats 7 Algerine pirates, off Cadiz.

Print after Vauxhall Gardens painting: see here

painting dated 1734 apparently after kirkall mezzotint: for comment, see here
this version is an extension after the mezzotint, as is the painting below

22 x 51½ a version signed p.monamy after an original possibly by van de velde
paired with a harbour scene; see robinson vol I, p.236: sotheby 27/6/1973, lot 83

28/5. The Battle of Solebay. Indecisive battle against the Dutch. The Royal James burnt.

34½ x 45½. Signed Monamy. Sotheby 26/11/1975 [118]. The Burning of the Royal James

kirkall mezzotint, circa 1725, shown in reverse, left, for comparison

35 x 51. Signed Monamy. The Battle of Solebay. NMM

1. The Battle of Solebay; 37 x 39; Christie's 11/11/83, lot 4; signed

2. The Battle of Solebay; 37 x 49; unsigned. Private collection.

Nos 1 and 2 are not the same. A note on 2 by E.H.H.Archibald, 1962, reads: "Your painting is of the Battle of Solebay May 28th 1672. The ship in the foreground is the Duke of York's flagship the Royal Prince 100, in action with De Ruyter in the Zeven Provincien 80, with astern of her Aert van Nes in the Eendracht 80.

On the left, stern on, is the Charles 96, Sir John Harman, Rear Admiral of the Red. On the right the English flagship which is being attacked by a fireship is Lord Sandwich's Royal James 100, which was burnt.

The painting appears to be by Peter Monamy c1686-1749. It looks like an original composition, both from its character and from the fact that Monamy apparently did not understand the Dutch conventions in the use of their pendants; an ignorance which good contemporary painters like Van de Velde would never have displayed. The stern galleries of the ship on the left are of a later type, around 1700."

In 1962 Archibald was not to know that Monamy's date of birth was 1681, not 1686.

3. The Battle of Solebay; 31½ x 44; unsigned; with dealer 1982.

11/8. The second Battle of the Texel. Last battle of the Anglo-Dutch wars. The Third Dutch War was extremely unpopular in England, and it was during this period that thinking men like Andrew Marvell began to understand that the gods had repented the king's restoration, and started to work actively for the elimination of James, Duke of York, as a successor, and to ensure the revolutionary accession of William III. This was accomplished 15 years later.

28 x 56½ christie 21/6/74 (168); unsigned; said to represent the battle of the texel
thought by robinson unlikely to be by monamy; see Vol I, p.197

24 x 45½ exhibited sotheby jan 1986 (19); attributed to peter monamy; battle of the texel

advertisement march 1987 antique collectors

Captain Morgan Kempthorne, the Kingfisher, died 1681 in battle against Algerine pirates.

19/5. The Battle of Barfleur. Russell defeated De Tourville.
22-24/5. Destruction of De Tourville's fleet at La Hogue. Virtually same action.

The Battle of Barfleur, 19-22 May 1692. 14 x 42. Traces of signature. Glasgow.

The Battle of Cap de la Hague, 22-24 May 1692. The Burning of the Soleil Royal, NMM.

The Battle of Cap de la Hague, 22-24 May 1692. Another version.

The Battle of Cap de la Hague, 22-24 May 1692. Dimensions and location unknown.
this does not seem to me to be by monamy.

battle of "la hogue"

4/8. (4/7?) Capture of Gibraltar. See Byng's battles.
13/8. Rooke's action with De Toulouse off Velez Malaga.

40 x 50. Chapman Sale, NY, 26/3/1924. The Battle of Malaga 1704. Sold as Monamy. Unsgnd

"Handled in the masterly manner of Monomey (sic), showing an English Ship-of-the-Line broadsides to a French ship, and about to board her. To the left a disabled French Ship-of-the-Line. Translucent sky, with smoke clouds and calm sea. The whole scene is enlivened by the brilliant flags and uniforms of the officers in the small boat to the right.
Sir George Rooke with a fleet of 53 ships encountered the French on the 13th of August, 1704, with 50 ships-of-the-line and 24 galleys under Admiral Comte de Toulouse, of(f) Malaga. After an all-day battle the French withdrew under cover of night." Anderson catalogue note.

advertisement brian koetser connoisseur: unknown engagement
possibly another version of the battle of the texel
reminiscent of scott's composition of wager's action off carthagena, 1708: see here

note pre-1707 ensign, also flag extreme left

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