pen and wash sketch signed monamy: national maritime museum

1704 Gibraltar
1706 Barcelona     1706 Alicante
1708 Dunkirk
1718 Cape Passaro 1
1718 Cape Passaro 2


Cape Passaro 3

The sketch is much more dynamic than the painting. Byng may have preferred the more technical depiction. It seems a pity the sketch was not worked up into an oil.

With boxes 1, 2, 6 and 7 disposed of, there remain boxes 3, 4, 5 and 8, along with another six stray unengaged ships, one of the Blue, three of the Red and two little ones of the White.

The San Luis and San Fernando galing away from the Barfleur.

Probably the Grafton, Captain Haddock, in pursuit, having left the Principe de Asturias in her wake.

"The Grafton attacked the Prince of Asturias, formerly called the Cumberland (taken by the French in 1707). In the Cumberland/Prince of Asturias was Rear-Admiral Chacon: but the Breda and Captain coming up she (the Grafton) left that ship for them to take, which they soon did; and stretched ahead after another 60 gun ship, which was on her starboard while she was engaging the Prince of Asturias, and which had kept firing her stern-chase into the Grafton." From the despatch by George Byng, sent by Pattee Byng. The dateline is "From on board the Barfleur, off Syracusa, August 6th (OS)."

The Grafton. The Spanish ship may have contained Admiral Camock, a renegade Irishman.

The ship of the Blue, flying a Rear-Admiral's flag, must be the Dorsetshire, Rear-Admiral Delavall.

Delavall took the Santa Isabella, which the sketch detail below appears to confirm. Cranmer-Byng, pp. xxviii and 15, says Cornwall was Vice-Admiral of the Blue and Delavall Rear-Admiral of the White: perhaps an inadvertent colour transposition, by either him or Monamy. The despatch says "Rear-Admiral Delavall, with the Royal Oak". As Delavall's ship was the Dorsetshire, perhaps the Royal Oak was a second ship partially involved, glimpsed in the sketch detail below, behind the Dorsetshire.

The (Santa) Isabella (Isidoro?) and the Dorsetshire. Diabolical writing.

"The Essex took the Juno": Byng's despatch.

The ships in this engagement, lower right in the oil painting, are possibly the Santa Rosa and the Orford.

Cape Passaro 1     Cape Passaro 2     Cape Passaro 3
George Byng & George Walton
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Capture of the Real San Felipe by H.Vale
Battle of Passero (sic) attributed to S.Scott

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