William Rayner.   Done according to Act of Parliament

The Engagement of the Confederate Fleet under Sir George Rook, Sir Cloudesly Shovell, Sir John Leake, ---
And the Admiral Byng, and Dikes, with the Duch Admirals Callemburge & Vanderdusson, & that ye French under
Their High Admiral the Count de Toulouse, &c. on the thirteenth of Augt. 1704, off of Malaga.

See here for a very similar composition by Thomas Baston, dated 1720.

The statement that this print by William Rayner was "Done according to Act of Parliament" seems curious, since from its appearance it looks like an early work, produced not long after the battle. However, Clayton in The English Print, p 150, has some apposite remarks on Rayner, which would confirm its appearance after the Act of Copyright had been passed, in 1735.

"Naval sets tended inevitably to provide propaganda for blue water strategy. Sometimes this politically divisive purpose was explicit. In December 1738 advertisements began to appear in the opposition newspaper The Craftsman for a series of crude tuppenny engravings of 'the remarkable Exploits performed by our Royal Navy in the Reign of Queen Anne'. These were calculated to inflame popular belliicosity. Proposed, like more expensive prints, as 'proper Ornaments for a Stair Case or the best Rooms in a House', William Rayner's England's Glory was aimed at the 'insignificant Body of Tradesmen and Mechanics' who were said by the government to favour war with Spain. Indeed, on a view of a recent victory [ie Porto Bello] that was added to the series, the address of Caleb Danvers accompanied that of Rayner on the publication line. Whether or not their intention was similar, the series of prints published in August 1738 by Toms after Lempriere showing nine ships of war in different positions might have been viewed in a similar light."

See here for Lempriere.
See here for Rayner's England's Glory.

The line engraving was presumably not by, but after a painting by Sailmaker
shown below

national maritime museum

Sr Cloudsley Shovel beginning the Engagement with the Marquis de Villette, whose Poop is blown up by a Bomb, & his Ship set on fire. The Dutch in the Rear closely engag'd Monsr De Rouver the French Admiral's Second fallen out of the Line, stopping his Leaks. The Count de Toulouse, tow'd off by the Gallies, from the Engagement.


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born 1663 married 1693 died 1733
eleven sons four daughters

Rooke's attack on Vigo Bay, 12th October, 1702. Byng not present.


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