Gibraltar: by Peter Monamy


1684 Tangier
1685 East Indies
1690 Beachy Head
1692 La Hogue
1704 Gibraltar
1704 Malaga
1705 Channel Operations
1706 Barcelona
1706 Alicante
1708 Dunkirk
1708 Mediterranean Operations
1715 Channel Operations
1717 Baltic Operations
1718 Cape Passaro

born 1663 married 1693 died 1733
eleven sons four daughters

Although this painting belongs with the four battle-plans painted for Lord Torrington, probably all at about the same time in 1725, and forms part of the Byng Collection, it differs in size and character. It is considerably smaller, and appears to have been more carefully painted, with much more realistic topographical detail. The impression given is that it was added to the other four some two or three years later, and the renewed interest in the strategic and symbolic importance of Gibraltar which arose briefly in 1727 suggests it may have been produced at around that time or shortly afterwards. There are earlier depictions of the rock by other painters.

In 1704, Rear-Admiral Byng of the Red had not considered the prize worth the cost; but ordered by Rooke to lead the advance squadron, he acted with his customary alacrity; directed the cannonade and landed the seamen who obtained the Governor's surrender on the 24th July.

24/7 (or 4/8 or 4/7? Different authorities give different dates OS/NS). Capture of Gibraltar. This was a combined English and Dutch action under Sir George Rooke and Sir Cloudesley Shovell.

11/4. Peace of Utrecht. Spain cedes Gibraltar and Minorca to Britain as part of the peace conditions.

1/5. Pragmatic Sanction: Austria agrees to aid Spain to recover Gibraltar.

Spain prepared for siege of Gibraltar at end of 1726. Brief war between England and Spain. Hostilities ceased June 16, 1727.

The Rock, 27½ x 36½, by Peter Monamy: signed, perhaps painted about 1728.

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Another painting of the rock, attributed to Monamy

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