Illustration and text from a booklet of records compiled by Mostyn T.Pigott, published 1911 by H.E.Morgan, 55 Fetter Lane.


"..... the records of Grand Lodge show that a Warrant, bearing date January 16, 1760, was issued for a Lodge to be held on board H.M.S."Vanguard", and that at the meeting of Grand Lodge held on May 14 following an item appears in the statement of moneys 'Constitution of a Lodge on board his Majesty's ship the Vanguard £2 2s.' [After 1761] ..... no mention of it is made for several years, though it retained its place in the Engraved List of Lodges."

"The earliest minute book is dated May 1 1768, and sets forth the 'Bye Laws and Regulations to be observed by the LODGE OF FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS No 254 removed from on board his Majesty's ship 'Vanguard' to the Queen of Bohemia's Head in Wych Street, in the parish of St Clement Dane in the County of Middlesex."

From The Face of Early Canada, by F. St.George Spendlove

The print section illustrating the booklet turns out to be A View of the Pierced Island, a remarkable Rock in the Gulf of St. Laurence. Two leagues to the Southward of Gaspée Bay. Drawn on the spot by Hervey Smyth; published in London, c 1760, by John Bowles, Robert Sayer, Thomas Jefferys, Carington Bowles and Henry Parker. Line engraving P.Canot; depicting HMS Vanguard.

maritime masonry: a rock in the shetlands: photo by john sowrey ©

Joseph Highmore
   The Early C18th Fraternity

An article by Eric Ward in Ars Quatuor Coronatorum, Volume LXXVII, 1964, is informative about a number of members of the masonic brotherhood at the time of its London foundation.

"Perhaps equally important, Masonically, is the fact that through the genius of Hogarth we can perceive and study the social and political conditions of early eighteenth century London, out of which Freemasonry emerged." Ward, p.2. This statement is followed up by a list of Hogarth's portraits of masons, here re-ordered alphabetically, along with other masons mentioned in the article:

James Anderson;
James, 2nd Duke of Athol; 1690-1764
Francesco Bartolozzi; 1727-1815
Alderman William Benn; ? - 1755
The Bickhams, Senior (d 1758?) and Junior (d 1769?)
Alexander Chocke; ? - 1737
Dr. J.T.Desaguliers; 1683-1744
John Faber; c 1684-1756
James Figg; ? - 1734
Martin Folkes; 1690-1754
Frederick, Prince of Wales; 1707-1751
Nicholas Hawkesmore (sic);
John James Heidegger; 1659-1749
Rev. John Henley; 1692-1756
Joseph Highmore; 1692-1780
John Laguerre; ? - 1746
Charles Lennox, Duke of Richmond;
Sir Richard Manningham; 1690-1759
Dr John Misaubin; ? - 1734
John, Duke of Montagu; 1690-1749
Andrew Montgomery
Richard "Beau" Nash; 1674-1761
John Pine; 1690-1756
Alexander Pope; 1688-1744
James Quin; 1693-1766
Anthony Sayer;
Sir Richard Steele; 1676-1729
Francis Stephen, Duke of Lorraine; 1708-1765
William Stewart, Viscount Mountjoy; 1709-1769
Sir James Thornhill; 1675-1734
Sir Thomas de Veil;
Sir Robert Walpole; 1674-1746
Thomas Worlidge; 1700-1766

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