sometimes the triangle is simply a pyramid and sometimes it's the trinity: is there any connection ?

the triangle and the eye persist

Image Transmogrification

thinking along these lines makes eyes, pillars and triangles appear everywhere


....the Subject of Free-Masonry has, in the Dearth of News, filled up many a Paper ..... and it is a fact that the whole mysterie of the arte consisteth ..... in many things.

Such as playing with pebbles on the sea-shore, like the great man said.

Or just playing around with pictures, as the fancy dictates, adding up to an unfathomable meaninglessness.

from John Drury book catalogue 129

Left: an engraved satirical frontispiece, designed by John Williams, aka Anthony Pasquin, 1797. The John Drury catalogue compiler notes that Williams is concerned to warn foreigners residing in London to beware of prostitutes and tricky auctioneers. Williams is described as an inveterate libeller, who had "libelled every respectable character in the kingdom, from the sovereign down to the lowest of his subjects." His engraving depicts the crumbling edifice of the British constitution --- trial by jury, habeas corpus, bill of rights, freedom of speech, et al --- but it is not easy to make out whether he is blaming Freemasonry for this Samsonian destruction, or merely exploiting the power of the masonic imagery. Williams died in America, 1818, "of a cold caught by washing his face". See ODNB.

The Creator
The Muse

see here for more geometry



from title page of: A Ritual and Illustrations of Freemasonry, undated
verse from Lalla Rookh, by Thomas Moore

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