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Richard Wilson. (1 August 1714 15 May 1782). Landscape Artist

Isaac Sailmaker, 1633-1721, Marine Painter
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Poisoning the Minds of Posterity

Walpole on Hogarth:

stupefying: tale told by an idiot

Jane; Hogarth's wife
this portrait is amazing: one of the greatest I've ever seen: a living image
Oh, the slender merit of Hogarth ! He never attained great excellence.

the spirit of britain: stupefying

Stupefying: up a creek without a paddle. Milton ?

What is truly baffling is that Nikolaus Pevsner can write a book in 1956 titled The Englishness of English Art, and throughout its 230 pages fail to mention a single marine painter, let alone the marine genre. It is equally baffling to have Turner lumped in as a landscape artist with Constable. Why not include Gainsborough ? Did Pevsner misdirect Strong ? Command of atmospheric situations ? Where did that come from ?

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Understand the Poodle of Spain and his Poisonous Progeny

Walpole on Monamy:

Walpole on Scott:

NMM: Scott "eclipsed" Monamy. Give me strength.
Leonardo da Vinci was eclipsed by Jackson Pollock
Sadly, Scott was the Walpole poodle

The truth is that Monamy was pro-Navy, anti-Walpole, anti-Spain, and the inheritor of an anti-Catholic Marrano family legacy. The Walpoles were pro-Spain and the inheritors of a pro-Catholic Jesuit family legacy. Hence Horace disparaged Monamy and lauded Scott; to be mindlessly followed by later self-proclaimed "art historians". There never lived a more calumnious writer. See Croker.

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