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Peter Monamy's Very Last Gasp

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In February, 1749, The Gentleman's Magazine published what has to be the very last contemporary mention of the famous marine painter, Peter Monamy. In fact, since he died on February 7th, 1749, perhaps he never personally saw his name in this particular print instance, and therefore, strictly speasking, it was not a contemporary mention. It remains of interest, to us, nevertheless.

The gentlemen running their magazine decided in this month of February 1749 to discuss the history and forms of Mediterranean galleys. On pages 64 and 65 they illustrate this discussion with cuts. Who can say who provided the illustrations for the cuts of the ancient galleys ? The modern galley, however, names Monamy as its originator.

"There are some curious men who form an idea of a master, by the sight of three or four of his pictures; and who, after this, believe they have a sufficient authority to decide what his manner is; without considering what care the Painter took about them, and what age he was of when he drew them. ..... There is none also that had not his beginning, his progress, and his end; that is to say, three manners."

Roger de Piles, The Art of Painting, Chap XXVIII, part II. Translated from the French and first published in England in 1706.

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