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Christie's 5 June 2014
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10 May, 2014. Arrived on my doorstep is a South Kensington Maritime Art Catalogue, from Messrs Christie's, dated 5 June 2014.
Below is a reproduction of Lot 16, attributed to Peter Monamy.
Thi painting appeared in an exhibition mounted by Richard Green in 2005, when its provenane was given as Joseph & Irene Field, Bel Air, California.
It was also described as signed, lower left, P:Monamy: Pinx.

This does not look, to me, like a painting by Monamy. In fact, it appears to be somewhat later, ie painted some years after 1750. Nor does the topography, such as it is, suggest Guernsey, and the edifice does not remind me of Castle Cornet. However, it may have been intended to represent the castle, at a long stretch, conceivably, by someone who had never seen it. Extremely doubtful.

In the Richard Green show, 2005, the picture was said to be signed. Had the signature disappeared in the intervening 10 years ? The fort was also surmised thus "It may represent Landguard Fort at Felixstowe, Suffolk, originally built for Henry VIII in 1540 to defend Harwich Haven ..... strengthened in 1717-1720 and again in 1744..."

The central detail, below, genuinely of Castle Cornet, is indubitably by Monamy. At school we used to have great fun, starting spontaneous traditions. Here we have a tradition clearly started less than 10 years ago. Jolly, jolly dee !

Castle Cornet, by Jacob Knyff

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