Tomb of the Past


Pastel on Paper

© Pearl Adcock, 1986


"........ the artist perhaps visualized the universal womb, the inexhaustible source of life, to which the dead man returns in order to be born again. In this sense the Great Goddess is the magician-mother. ........ Babies and children squeezed into egg-shaped pithoi for burial had arms tightly pressed to the body, a natural foetal position. A pithos was a womb as was the grave pit from which the adult or child could be born again. ..... The beginning of the concept of continuous life/death duality and of divine ambivalence as expressed in ancient Greek mythical images such as Hekate-Artemis, Demeter-Kore or Persephone, goes back to the Neolithic-Chalcolithic era." From The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe (6500-3500 BC), by Marija Gimbutas, Thames & Hudson, 1982, p 159.

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