geese from egypt, greenland, gotland, ireland

From The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, R.O.Faulkner, BM Publications 1985, p 95

spell to become a goose 1400 bc

If the two trailing Egyptians, from 2630 BC, below, aren't the same species as this Irish Greenlander, to the left, may I become a goose.

The Gotlanders below, cut in limestone, are not quite so elegant

certainly a goose, or swan                           possibly a duck

These birds appeared on the Gotland picture stones from about 500

The famous Meidum geese sometimes changed into evening dress

Was the dead Gotlander's soul now seeking to become a goose? The earlier stones (400-600) used to sport a sun-whorl [see here]. To my mind they were much finer, see the Bro I stone [click].

Do geese see goD?
Proctor's Palindromes; courtesy PM

"They ain't no birds, not really," said Billy the Dane.
"Not mollies, not gullies, nor goneys at all," said he,
"But simply the sperrits of mariners livin' again."

John Masefield

A Scot when from the Gallows-tree got loose
Drops into Styx, and turns a Soland Goose.
John Cleveland: The Rebel Scot

I must go where the wild goose goes

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