Where was the Home of the Angles ?
Between the Saxons and the Goths ?
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Thanks to David Burns for these data.

Ängelholm in Skåne used to be spelt Engelholm, before the unfortunate Swedish spelling reform. The same must apply to several of the above place-names. Now for the big question: where did the Angles of East Anglia come from ?

Could it have been from the areas now known as Småland, Blekinge or Skåne ? Why not Gotland or Östergötland ? Another 12 places.

Or maybe Angeln, south of Jylland, Danmark ? Let us see what Sarrazin has to say, below:

Onomastics for the Tyro

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"That the small neck of land, with few villages, round Angeln [in Denmark], with both its name and the majority of its place-names, should then become unpopulated, seems far-fetched, especially in view of the thousands of places in Sweden which are admirably placed [for Anglian origin]." David Burns.