J.C.C.Silvestre: 1994

Universidad de Murcia


ll. 4-12a
(I) have endured bitter breast-care, explored aboard ship many aspects of sorrow, the terrible rolling of the waves, where often the dangerous night-watch occupied me at the vessel's prow when it dashes beside the cliffs. Chilled with cold were my feet, bound with the cold fetters of frost, where those cares sighed hot around my heart; hunger tore within the heart of he who is weary of the sea.

ll. 33b-38
Therefore thoughts now oppress my heart that I should myself explore the high seas, the salt wave's tumult, my heart's desire urges my spirit all the time to set out, so that I may seek the true home of the pilgrim far hence.

ll. 44-47
There is for him no thought of the harp, of receiving the rings, of delight in woman, of pleasure in the world, or about anything else except the rolling of the waves; but always had sad yearning he who is eager to go on to the ocean.

ll. 48-55
Woods take on blossoms, make beautiful the cities, brighten the meadows, the world hastens; all those urge the spirit of the eager one, (urge) the mind to the journey, (urge) one who thinks to depart far upon the seas. Likewise, the cuckoo admonishes with its sad voice, sings the summer's herald, announces sor- row, sadness in the breast.

ll. 58-64a
Therefore now my mind wanders beyond the enclosure of my breast, my spirit with the sea tide over the whales' domain crosses widely the expanses of the earth, comes back to me, eager and greedy, the solitary flier cries, incites the heart irresistibly on to the paths of the whales, across the seas' expanses ...

ll. 77-80a
so that the sons of men may afterwards praise him, and his fame may live since then among the angels forever, the eternal glory of life, joy among the noblest hosts

ll. 80b-90
The days are gone, all the magnificence of the kingdoms of the world; there are not now kings, nor emperors, nor gold-givers as once there were, when they performed among themselves the most glorious deeds and lived in lordliest repute. Fallen is all this noble company, joys are departed; the weakest things inhabit and possess this world, dominate it through toil and trouble. Glory is brought low, the nobility of the world grows old and fades, as now does everyone throughout the earth.

ll. 117-124
Let us think where we have our home, and then consider how we may get there; and we shall then also labour so that we are allowed into that eternal blessedness, where the source of life is, in the love of the Lord, bliss in the heavens. For that let there be thanks to the Holy God, He who has honoured us, Prince of Glory, eternal Lord for all time. Amen.

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