Prehistoric Commerce

From Odin and Osiris, Andrew Rugg-Gunn.

The Hyperboreans, by Herodotus, c 485-425 BC.

For (the Delians) say that sacred offerings bound up in wheat straw are carried from the land of the Hyperboreans and come to the Scythians, and then from the Scythians the neighbouring nations in succession receive them and convey them Westwards, finally as far as the Adriatic: thence they are sent forward towards the South, and the people of Dodona receive them; first of all the Hellenes, and from these they come down to the Malian gulf and are passed over to Euba, where city sends them on to city till they come to Carystos. After this Andros is left out, for the Carystians are those who bring them to Tenos, and the Tenians to Delos. Thus they say that these sacred offerings come to Delos.

From King Arthur's Place in Prehistory: The Great Age of Stonehenge, W.A.Cummins.

Bronze Age map from The Times Atlas of Past Worlds, 1989

A direct passage across the North Sea may also be suspected

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