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A Seafarer's Bookhoard: K-R

Gradually, a list of the works acquired or consulted in pursuit of the seafarer will be listed here.

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Kenner, Hugh (Introduction)       The Translations of Ezra Pound, 1953
Kipling, Rudyard;       Verse; Inclusive Edition 1885-1918; Hodder & Stoughton
Klaeber Fr.; ed.       Beowulf and The Fight at Finnsburg, 3rd edition 1950; Boston: D.C.Heath & Co., 1922.
Kramer, Samuel Noah;       History Begins at Sumer; Doubleday, New York 1959
Kenner, Hugh       The Pound Era, 1972
Leavis, F.R.       New Bearings in English Poetry, 1950
Longfellow H.W.; (unsigned review);       North American Review; Vol XLV; no XCVI; 1837, p.149; excerpt quoted by G.Stephens in the Preface (p.vii) to his translation (published London and Stockholm,1839) of Frithiof's Saga, by Esaias Tegnér; Llanerch facsimile reprint 1994.
Luther M.;       "Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott/Ein gute Wehr und Waffen"; Klug'sche Gesangbuch 1529.
Lawrence, D.H.;       The Ship of Death and other poems; Faber & Faber 1941
Lee, Laurie;       Home from Abroad;
Liljenroth, G & G;       Hel: den gömda gudinnan i nordisk mytologi; AMA Förlag 1995
Lubell, Winifred Milius;       The Metamorphosis of Baubo; Vanderbilt UP 1994
Margoliouth, H.M. ed;       Vala, by William Blake; (1804?); OUP 1956
McPherson C.;       "The Sea a Desert: Early English Spirituality and The Seafarer", American Benedictine Review 38, 1987; pp.115-126.
Marsden, John;       The Fury of the Northmen; BCA 1993
Marvell, Andrew;       Miscellaneous Poems; 1681
Masefield, J.;       Salt-Water Ballads; 1902
Merriam, C.Hart;       The Dawn of the World; Mythology of the Mewan Indians of California; Cleveland 1910
Morgan, Edwin       Collected Translations, 1996
Newton, Sam;       The Origins of Beowulf; D.S.Brewer, 1993
Nordgren, Ingemar;       Nordic Ring-names; Migracijske Teme 1-2, Zagreb 2000
Nordgren, Ingemar.      
North, Richard       Pagan Words and Christian Meanings, 1991,
Orage, A.R.       Selected Essays & Critical Writings , 1935
Paquet, Marcel;       Magritte; Taschen 2000
Partridge, Eric;       Dictionary of Catch Phrases;
Partridge, Eric;       Origins: A Short Etymological Dictionary;
Pollard, J.;       Birds in Greek Life and Myth; Thames & Hudson 1977
Power, Carla;       Lost in Silent Prayer; in Newsweek, July 12 1999
Pound, Ezra       ABC of Reading, 1934
Pound, Ezra       Guide to Kulchur, 1938/1952


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