The Seafarer

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Some of these essays were originally prepared for different publications in other contexts,
so there is occasional repetition of content. Some are frivolous, others less so.


After Twenty Years
All Men Must Die
Ancient Scandinavian
Anfloga, Wearn, (H)wælweg
Anfloga BC 1
Anfloga BC 2
Angles & Anglish
Anglo-Saxon Verse: W.J.Sedgefield
An-, Ân-, Eft
Another Page of Something Else
Annotation Pages
Anthony, D.W.
Arngart, Björk, Schütte
Bacon Gardner Pound Williams
Biblical Echoes
Bird, Ship, Sun, Sea
Billing veold Vernum
Boethius: Julia Bolton Holloway
The Cambridge Old English Reader
Can May Let
The Central Crux of The Seafarer
Collated Versions: 1842-1999
Commerce: Prehistoric
Crux Versions: post-1999
David Burns 1 & 2
Empress of Hel, Part 1
Empress of Hel, Part 2
Exegesis & Eschatology: Frederick S.Holton
Frank, Mere, Sund
Gata and Strada
Geats, Goths etc.
Gothonic or Old Scandinavian
Harrison & Baskervill
Hellenism & Hebräism
Hollander & Gradon
Holthausen & Jamieson: gowk
Housman, Masefield, Burns, Drayton
Howlett on Structure
Hugr, Hyge, Håg
Jewish Anfloga
Journey's Jargon
Klinck & Magennis
Lund med omnejd
Lödde, Lud or Leute

collated versions
crux notes
ezra - enoch
handy anglo-saxon
home of the angles ?
hyperborea - herodotus
indestructible dimont
iona - culdees ?
jargon two
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site version
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Lödöse, Lyuda, Lud
Maritime Reflections
The Meaning of Fer(h)ð
Meaning, Purpose, Form & Belief
More on Unwearnum
More and More on Unwearnum
More on Wongas
Moses and Monotheism
New Leaf
Old English Grammar: Campbell
On to Something Else
Oppenheimer One and Two
R.I.Page and the DOE
Pound Note 1
Pound Note 2
Pound Note 3
Pound Note 4 + Hopkins
The Prefix Un-
Psalm 46
Re unwearnum: A Digression 1
Re unwearnum: A Digression 2
Re unwearnum: A Digression 3
Saint Columba
Saxon Shore 1   Saxon Shore 2
Seafarer Birds
Seafarer Cuckoo
Seafarer Demolition
Seafarer Fidelity & Veracity
Sea Fever
T.A.Shippey & Bruce Mitchell
Shoals of Souls
G.V.Smithers One
G.V.Smithers Two
Soul Language
The Structure of The Seafarer 1
The Structure of The Seafarer 2
The Structure of The Seafarer 3
Swedish Sprachgefühl for Anglo-Saxon
More Swedish Sprachgefühl
Sweet, Henry & Others
Thorpe & Grein
Tower of Babel
Translation One
Translation Two
Wuffings Wulfings Wylfings

adl oþþe yldo oþþe ecghete

all men must die

review pages


some poems


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