This picture of Doggerland is irresistible. I wish I knew where it came from.
It's the angle that makes it. Trek down to south-west, not up to north-east.

Ancient Scandinavia
A few more insights.

My text from a previous page was "Didn't the Angles come from Scandinavia ?"

To this I must add: "Didn't the Modern English language descend from the language spoken by the Anglians, who came from Engelholm, or Ängelholm ?" Isn't it therefore utterly ludicrous to suggest that "English forms a fourth Germanic branch dating to before AD 350 and probably after 3,600 BC" ? If there is a fourth Germanic branch it certainly isn't English --- it's Old Scandinavian, transferred across Doggerland, both before and after it sank, into the north-west European landmass (for want of a better name for the embryonic "British" Isles). from Ancient Scandinavia. See map above.

Map from The Origins of Britain, paperback, modified to show Ancient Scandinavians coming also from Engelholm or Ängelholm if you want to be post 1906 modern.
The genetic evidence.

The Neolithic Age is somewhat vague, but let us say it ranges from about 10,000 to 2,000 B.C.

Here's an excerpt from Simon James, The Atlantic Celts, page 85:

James published in 1999, and Oppenheimer (paperback) in 2007.
James must have been anticipating Oppenheimer's genetic methodology.
Here is a map from The Atlantic Celts, p 14, by Simon James:

Britain's adjacent neighbours in green. It's the angle that makes it.
Ancient People or Modern Invention ?

More from Simon James, p 112:

When does a Scandinavian immigrant become an indigenous Briton ?

David Burns noted: "historians seem to dismiss, or not wish to pursue"
the link between Swedish and Anglo-Saxon.

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